13 Cheap Film Schools In Canada For International Students 2022

By | May 19, 2022

Students who need to go to cheap film schools in Canada for international students, look through the reports and get your detailed report.

Are you an international student searching for a cheap Canadian film school? Then look no further. Below you will find a list of top cheapest Canadian universities. The university programs offered by these schools are accredited by the official bodies in Canada and students can work in Canada after finishing their film courses.

Canada has several film schools to choose from. Some film schools in Canada offer one year programs while the other offers two years. In addition, some schools offer degrees in film while others do not. Some universities also have their own film school which require students to enroll in their school first before applying for the program.

For students living in or visiting Canada, choosing the right film school can be a daunting prospect. There are many schools and universities that offer filmmaking courses. Well here at Media Schools we like to keep it simple by analysing the hard data and giving you the pros and cons of each school.

Tops schools provides ample information on Cheap Film Schools In Canada For International Students, Overview of Cheap Film Schools In Canada For International Students and Requirements for Cheap Film Schools In Canada For International Students.


Cheap Film Schools In Canada For International Students

Canada has come out as an inexpensive global study market that is attracting students from the corners of the world. Courses in Canada can provide students with a world-class education and the practical experience needed for enhancement of their career. Courses in Canada include a wide span of topics covered for many industries and may be taken as part of a particular university degree program, from a specific academic institution or individually on an as-needed basis. In these courses, film studies are also included. In this article, we will discuss film schools in Canada.

A career in the film industry has a great scope. There are many aspects of the film world like, Directing, camera operation, cinematography, scriptwriting, and producing duties are some of the jobs that a film study degree or education can help you achieve. The best filmmaking schools in Canada can help you get this rewarding career. Many schools in Canada offer top-class programs specific to the film industry.

Canadian Film Schools For International Students

Canada is one of the best countries to study filmmaking. There are many film schools in Canada that offer cheap filmmaking courses for international students. Here are some of these cheap filmmaking schools which you can apply for.

Canada has many film universities to study for international students. It has film production schools,  filmmaking schools, film acting schools and many more related to the field of the film industry. Few schools for film studies are listed below:

  •  Vancouver Film School
  •  Cinema Studies Institute at the University of Toronto
  •  Ryerson University
  •  Toronto Film School
  •  Capilano University School of Motion Picture Arts
  •  Concordia University – Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema
  •  Red Deer College
  •  University of British Columbia Department of Theatre and Film
  •  York University – School of the Arts, Media, Performance, and Design
  •  Fanshawe College
  •  Simon Fraser University
  •  Queen’s University
  •  The University of Windsor
  •  George Brown College of Applied Arts and Technology, Canada
  •  Sheridan College, Ontario
  • Algonquin College
  • Saskatchewan Polytechnic
  • Durham College
  • University of Regina
  • Niagara College

Film Schools in Vancouver Canada

  • Vancouver Film School
  • InFocus Film School
  • UBC Department of Theatre and Film
  • Simon Fraser University
  • Capilano University

Film Schools in Canada Toronto

  • Toronto Film School
  • George Brown College – Waterfront Campus
  • EVN Film Studios
  • Ethereum Films
  • U Create Studio
  • The School Of Professional Makeup
  • Ted Rogers School of Management – Ryerson University
Top 15 Best Film Schools In Canada To Study Right Now

Best Film schools in Canada

Now you know about the names of Canadian film schools to pursue your studies. To make your work easy about in which film school to study, we have given a few details of some schools like film production courses in Canada for international students, its specialization etc.Go through the details given below and choose the best film schools in Canada as per your convenience. Here are some affordable film schools in Canada for the students, who want to get the best education in film studies

1. Vancouver Film School

Vancouver Film School This is may be the most known film schools in Canada, it is situated in Vancouver, British Columbia. The list of courses offered: Film Production 3D Animation & Visual Effects Classical Animation Acting for Film & Television Digital Design Entertainment Business Management

2. Toronto Film School

  • Tuition Fees: $33,390 (18 Months) and $21,900 (12 Months)

Acceptance rate:

The Toronto Film School cannot be left out when you are talking about the best Canadian film schools because they offer special courses that prepare students for careers in acting, film production, graphic design, and interactive media, and writing for film and TV. And also, focusing on real-world industry experiences in entertainment, fashion, design, or video games.

Moreso, Students of the school will be filming, editing, performing, writing, and designing with the guidance of successful industry professionals.

3. Concordia University, Montreal

The Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema at Concordia University is the huge university-based centre for the study of film production, film animation, and film studies in Canada, enrolling 250 students to their undergraduate and graduate programs. Students discover the aesthetic and technical practices of production, learn the techniques of animation and get to know the meaning of the film deeply.

Top 10 film schools in Canada for international students ▷ Legit.ng

4. Capilano University School of Motion Picture Arts

  • Tuition Fees: $28,251

Next in our list of the Best film schools in Canada is Capilano University School of Motion Picture Arts. This school is one of the good film schools in Canada that we recommend for students who wants to pursue a career in film making.

However, They offer programs which include Motion Picture Arts, 2D Animation and Visual Development, 3D Animation for Film and Games, Costuming for Stage and Screen, Digital Visual Effects, Documentary, and Indigenous Independent Digital Filmmaking.

5. Simon Fraser University

  • Tuition Fees: Domestic tuition: 2,770 CAD and International tuition: 12,125 CA

This school was established in 1965 and emphasizes real-life learning in collaboration with theoretical aspects from classrooms. However, The students of Simon Fraser University are exposed to great opportunities to deepen their understanding of other fields in the arts.

The courses covered include the production of actual productions with established professionals and instructors

6. Saskatchewan Polytechnic

The institution offers a diploma in media production, the course lasts for two years. International students there have the ability to receive scholarships, and there are supporting team that helps them in any questions.

7. Fanshawe College

A student can find there such courses related to filmmaking: Diploma in broadcasting – television and film production (2years) Diploma in interactive media design (2 years) The graduate certificate in advanced filmmaking (45 weeks) The graduate certificate in visual effects and editing for contemporary media (1 year) The institution is open for over 5,000 international students from more than 75 countries.

Best Film Schools and Colleges in the US - Careers in Film

8. Ryerson University

The institution provided such courses related to film making: Bachelor of arts in creative industries (2 years) Bachelor of arts in media production (2 years)

9. InFocus Film School, Vancouver

Its mission is to educate students with a superior film education through accelerated, hands-on learning. InFocus instructors guide students through multiple assignments that develop a bright student portfolio. They guide students to make them realize their personal artistic visions and grow as visual storytellers. Their classes include an interactive experience that includes, demonstration,  theory and follow-up assignments.

10. University of British Columbia Department of Theatre and Film

The school offers two general programmes related to filmmaking:

  • Cinema and media studies
  • Film production
Top 15 Best Film Schools In Canada To Study Right Now

11. Capilano University, North Vancouver

Capilano’s School of Motion Picture Arts is dedicated to inspiring a new generation of Canadian filmmakers through the fostering and mentoring of emerging talent by providing progressive learning environments and real production experience such that graduates make a great contribution in the film world. Programs include 2D Animation & Visual Development, 3D Animation for Film & Games, Motion Picture Arts, Digital Visual Effects (VFX), Costuming for Stage and Screen, Documentary, and Indigenous Independent Digital Filmmaking.

12. Langara College, Vancouver

Langara College Film Arts is an intensive, collaborative, and comprehensive program for a period of eight-month for the candidates wishing to work in the current film industry as Directors, Writers or Actors. The program starts in the month of January and ends in the month of August. This program offers post-accreditation certificates in three streams of study; Acting for the Screen, Writing for the Screen, and Directing for the Screen. Courses in film principles, film studies and film practice overlap which creates a collaborative and creative environment in which students can exercise their skills with the other creators in each area. These overlapping courses are built so that students can understand different aspects of the film making process.

13. Red Deer College, Red Deer

Unique to Canadian film schools, Red Deer’s Bachelor of Applied Motion Picture Arts provides an intensive post-diploma course for graduates and industry professionals. With more stress on dramatic narrative filmmaking, the program makes you ready to tell your stories to the world through motion pictures. Choose one of two program streams of Production or Performance to focus on your studies.

film school scholarships for international students in canada

Film Studies scholarships are awarded in Canada for higher education students. It includes scholarships, prizes, awards, and bursaries in the field of Film Studies. Here is the list of available scholarships for international students in film studies.

  • Aaron Jenkins Perry Memorial Scholarship
  • Access Communications/Fred Wagman Entrance Scholarships
  • Access Communications/Fred Wagman Scholarship in Film & Video
  • Aiken Prize in English Language and Literature
  • Alison White Prize in Children’s Literature
  • Andre Bazin/ George Sadoul Film Award
  • Buchanan Bounty Trust Awards
  • Bohdan Szuchewycz Prize in Communication Studies
  • Anita Skinner Bursary in Communications Studies
  • Anne Perozuk Book Prize in Critical Writing
  • Arts Scholarship
  • Astral Media Scholarship
  • Bayshore Broadcasting Media Scholarship
  • BBM Scholarship
  • BC Arts Council Scholarships
  • Bertha E Glass Award in Junior English
  • Brian Blakey Memorial Scholarship
  • Bruce Stovel Memorial Prize
  • Catherine & Louise Ford Award
  • Cheryl Lamoureux Memorial Prize

cheap film schools in USA for international students

Of course, the USA is known for its expensive studies. What if you get a few best affordable film schools in USA? For those who are interested in film schools in USA at an affordable cost, we have mentioned a few cheap film schools in USA:

  • ArtCenter College of Design, Pasadena
  • Barnard College, New York
  • Chapman University, California
  • Colorado Film School, Colorado
  • Columbia College Chicago
  • CUNY Brooklyn College
  • Dominican University, Illinois
  • Emerson College, Massachusetts
  • Ferris State University, Michigan
  • Fordham University, New York
  • Ithaca College, New york
  • Ferris State University, Michigan
  • Fordham University, New York
  • Kean University, New Jersey
  • Loyola Marymount University, California

Careers in Film

There are three parts in film production that offer different kinds of occupations to international students. They are given below:

  • In the pre-production phase, ideas are presented in full-fledged productions. Fundraising, budgeting, screenwriting, and set design are the main parts of pre-production. Jobs in pre-production include screenwriting, producing, costume design, casting, etc
  • In the production phase, the actual creation of the film takes place. Occupations in production include production assistants, directors, sound engineering technicians, camera operators,  boom operators, gaffers, animators, multimedia artists, directors of photography, etc
  • In the post-production phase, the process of editing is done. Jobs in the post-production phase include assistant editors, editors, sound effects editors, dubbing editors, film librarians, advertising and promotional advertisers, sales representatives, etc

With film-making being one of the most demanded programs, various universities provide plenty of courses. Students can choose their interested programs in USA and become an expert in their preferred area.

Best Film Schools​ in the USA for international students

There are many famous film schools in USA for international students. Among them the best 5 film schools in USA are:

  • The University of Southern California​(USC film school)
  • University of California, Los Angeles​
  • NYU Tisch School of the Arts
  • American Film Institute
  • California Institute of the Arts

Requirements of film schools in the USA for international students

Begin the preparation early, at least a year in advance, as deadlines approach quickly. Here are the requirements for international students to apply for film schools in united states:

  • If you are an international student interested in pursuing film studies in the U.S, you should start the process by researching the good film schools in the USA.
  • After researching the film school in the U.S, take a look at their admission process. The admission process is a bit lengthy. There are many important requirements you have to meet.
  • Transcripts have to be submitted.
  • College essays are required
  •  letters of recommendation as demanded by the institutions
  • English proficiency test score(test like TOEFL/IELTS)

Film making courses in USA for international students

There are plenty of options for international students in the field of filmmaking to study in the USA. Below we have mentioned the different undergraduate and graduate programs offered by American institutes.

Graduate Programs

  • Master in digital film
  • Master in fine arts in film production
  • Master in television, radio, film
  • MFA in film and media art
  • Master of fine arts in film
  • Master of fine arts in film and animation
  • Master of arts in fashion film and photography
  • Master of Arts in film and media
Top 15 Best Film Schools In Canada To Study Right Now
  • Master of science in fiction and entertainment
  • M.F.A in cinema arts
  • Master in production design
  • Master of film editing

Undergraduate programs

  • Bachelor in film studies
  • Bachelor of Arts in film production
  • Bachelor of Science in film
  • Bachelor in film and television
  • Bachelor of fine arts in film art
  • BSc in creative media and film
  • Bachelor in Media studies – film and culture
  • Bachelor of fine arts in film
  • BFA in film production
  • Bachelor of Science in digital filmmaking

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