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By | May 19, 2022

Today we will review a famous novel written by Lois Lowry, the giver chapter 16 pdf full text. The Giver was first published in 1993 and has been adapted into both a film and a television series based on the same plot. In this review, we will take a brief look at the giver chapter 16 pdf full text so that you can decide for yourself whether it is for you. Please note that this review does contain some spoilers although we have tried to keep them to a minimum. The giver chapter 16 pdf full text follows the life of 12 year old Jonas who has lived in his community his whole life. This is an ordered society where everyone and everything is extremely organized. To get an idea of how orderly things are in Jonas’s society here are a few examples given in the book: The community consists of 12 dwelling units, each

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About The Giver Chapter 16 Pdf Full Text

The Giver is the story of a boy named Jonas, who lives in a society where all the decisions are made for him by the Elders. The Elders populate each person’s life with memories so that there is no pain or worries and all live peacefully. When Jonas turns 12, he is selected to become the new Receiver of Memory and replace the old Receiver, also known as The Giver. Once The Giver accepts his position, he explains to Jonas that all things in life have a price and that once you choose one memory over another one it can never be returned.

Jonas entered the Annex room and realized immediately that it was a day when he would be sent away. The Giver was rigid in his chair, his face in his hands. “I’ll come back tomorrow, sir,” he said quickly. Then he hesitated. “Unless maybe there’s something I can do to help.” The Giver looked up at him, his face contorted with suffering. “Please,” he gasped, “take some of the pain.” Jonas helped him to his chair at the side of the bed. Then he quickly removed his tunic and lay face down. “Put your hands on me,” he directed, aware that in such anguish The Giver might need reminding.
The hands came, and the pain came with them and through them. Jonas braced himself and entered the memory which was torturing The Giver. He was in a confused, noisy, foul-smelling place. It was daylight, early morning, and the air was thick with smoke that hung, yellow and brown, above the ground. Around him, everywhere, far across
the expanse of what seemed to be a field, lay groaning men. A wild-eyed horse, its bridle torn and dangling, trotted frantically through the mounds of men, tossing its head, whinnying in panic. It stumbled, finally, then fell, and did not rise.

It’s tough living in a colorless world and as the main character in this interesting novel, Jonas has to make his own way. This is only made tougher by dealing with and interacting with things that many of us take for granted. I won’t go into details or hint at what happens because that would spoil it for those who haven’t read it yet. But know that even though this book was written long ago, it’s still very relevant in today’s society. It raises some important questions about the society we live in and how we treat others who are different from us simply because they are different.

One of Jonas’s arms was immobilized with pain, and he could see through his own torn sleeve something that looked like ragged flesh and splintery bone. He tried his remaining arm and felt it move. Slowly he reached to his side, felt the metal container there, and removed its cap, stopping the small motion of his hand now and then to wait for the surging pain to ease. Finally, when the container was open, he extended his arm slowly across the blood-soaked earth, inch by inch, and held it to the lips of the boy. Water trickled into the imploring mouth and down the grimy chin.
The boy sighed. His head fell back, his lower jaw dropping as if he had been surprised by something. A dull blankness slid slowly across his eyes. He was silent. But the noise continued all around: the cries of the wounded men,
the cries begging for water and for Mother and for death. Horses lying on the ground shrieked, raised their heads, and stabbed randomly toward the sky with their hooves.

Table of Contents of The Giver Chapter 16 Pdf Full Text

The Life and Works of Lois Lowry v
Time Line of Lois Lowry’s Life viii
Context for The Giver x
Characters in The Giver xii
Echoes xiv
Chapter 11
Chapter 210
Chapter 318
Chapter 424
Respond to the Selection, Chapter 1-4 31
Chapter 534
Chapter 639
Chapter 747
Chapter 855
Respond to the Selection, Chapters 5-8 61
Chapter 965
Chapter 1071
Chapter 1178
Respond to the Selection, Chapters 9-11 84
Chapter 1287
Chapter 1395
Chapter 14104
Chapter 15112
Respond to the Selection, Chapters 12-15 114
Chapter 16117
Chapter 17124
Chapter 18131
Respond to the Selection, Chapters 16-18 137
Chapter 19139
Chapter 20144
Chapter 21153
Chapter 22159
Chapter 23163
Respond to the Selection, Chapters 19-23 168
Plot Analysis of The Giver 170
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“Secret of Life,” Diana Der-Hovanessian 172
“The Past,” Billy Collins 174
Newbery Acceptance Speech, Lois Lowry 176
Creative Writing Activities 186
Critical Writing Activities 187
Projects 189
Glossary of Words for Everyday Use 191
Handbook of Literary Terms 200
Acknowledgments 202

About the Author of The Giver Chapter 16 Pdf Full Text

Lois Lowry is a two-time Newbery Medal winner for Number the Stars (1990) and The Giver (1994), the first installment in the New York Times best-selling quartet that includes Gathering Blue, Messenger, and Son. She divides her time between Cambridge, Massachusetts, and a 1769 farmhouse in Maine. Visit her website at

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